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Emoji Mashup Twitter Bot

Twitter is a platform that favors the creativity and the developement among its users. They provide an API that allows us to make robots (bot) capable of automatically do any action the user can do. I had the idea to use this API as well as other technologies to create a Twitter bot that, at regular intervals, selects two random emojis and tries to find the best way to merge them, so that it creates a new, exclusive, emoji. The project acquired 100 000 followers within the first week.

Technologies used : Twitter API, Processing and node.js

Graphic identity : "Le Studio"

A webradio project was launched by some students. Our job was to create a graphic identity for the newly created association named "Le Studio". Not only we had to create a logo from the name, but we also had to wright a document indicating several informations about it, such as some exemple of use or the prohibitions on the logo.

Software used : Affinity Designer

Poster about the society

Made during the begining of the first year of my Technical Degree, the instructions of this exercise were to take one or several objects, so that we can use it as a metaphore by putting it on a different image. The poster must target and influence the society.
Translation :
"Tired of being played? - Vote. Protest. Act!"

Software used : Photoshop

Short film, "Plume"

This film was made as part of the "Cinema and Audiovisual" option during my high school senior year. We were asked to entirely produce a short film of 10 minutes. With this project, I had the opportunity to try the roles of assistant director (casting, films sets, hiring extras...), chief operator of sound, and chief editor.

Portfolio, first of his name

Why not compare my actual Portfolio with the one I made a few months ago?
Made between Decembre 2018 and Mars 2019, it represents all the knowledge I acquired during my first semester of Technical Degree. Thus, this website was only coded with bases in HTML and CSS, but represents forever the very first website I ever made.

Technologies used : HTML and CSS

Article in a fictional magazine

You're looking at the result of a double-exercize made during the second semester of my Technical Degree. I had to write an article of several pages on a subject of my choice, by respecting some writing rules. Then, it was requested to make the layout around it, as a double-page with a cover and a fake advertisement that has something to do with the theme choosen.
My article is about the new innovative project of Google : The Google City.

Software used : Photoshop and InDesign

"Vaporwave Self-portrait"

Made during the begining of my Technical Degree, an instruction-free exercise with the purpose of better learning how to use Photoshop. We had to make a "self-portrait" by adding some pictures. Here I used a graphic style named "Vaporwave" as an inspiration.

Software used : Photoshop

Storyboard in three panel

In this project from the begining of my Technical Degree, we had to make a storyboard of 3 frames with a humoristic ending. To do so, we had to take some pictures of the subject and put it on a background image.

Software used : Photoshop

Graphic model, "Study Time"

Our neighbour in the IT department have developped an app that allows us to have access to our schedules, our mails and our notifications for the students, the teachers and the people working on the campus. We were in charge of the making of the logo and some mockups of the future app named "Study Time".

Software used : Affinity Designer